Training Workshops

We are skilled facilitators of in- person and virtual training.

Training topics include:

Mental and Emotional Fitness

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Psychological safety
  • Mindset shift
  • Overcoming burnout
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome


  • Effective communication skills
  • Developing a culture of feedback
  • Communication for collaboration
    and accountability
  • Strengths-based team building

Transformational Leadership

  • Soft skills for emerging leaders
  • The coaching approach to leadership
  • Mindful leadership
  • Leadership presence
  • Women in leadership
  • Neuroscience in Leadership

Teamwork and Change

  • EQ, strengths and teamwork
  • Resilience in change
  • Organisational change –
    bringing your people with you
  • Managing stress and boosting performance


  • Cultural intelligence
  • Cultural identities
  • Working in a cross-cultural environment

EQ Business Lunch Etiquette Workshop

Are you ready to take your business lunch game to the next level? Join us for our highly anticipated EQ Business Lunch Etiquette Workshop, hosted by our dynamic CEO, My Holland. This workshop is specifically designed to infuse emotional intelligence into your business lunch interactions, ensuring that you make a lasting impression and forge meaningful connections.

At our recent workshop, attendees were captivated by the unique approach we took – combining the art of etiquette with the power of emotional intelligence. It was an unforgettable experience, filled with laughter, learning, and culinary delights. Participants discovered the secrets to effortlessly navigating business lunches, from mastering the art of small talk to decoding non-verbal cues.

But it didn’t stop there. Our workshop created a vibrant networking environment, allowing like-minded professionals to connect and exchange ideas. The energy in the room was palpable as individuals from various industries came together to learn, grow, and expand their horizons.

Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to elevate your lunchtime interactions. Our EQ Business Lunch Etiquette Workshop is a transformative experience that will equip you with the skills and insights you need to thrive in any business setting. Join us for our upcoming workshop and immerse yourself in a world where emotional intelligence meets business finesse.

Relive the Transformation:

Courageous Conversations

Step into a world where cultures collide and powerful connections are forged. Join us as we transport you back to the past, to an extraordinary event that has forever changed the lives of those who dared to participate.

Welcome to the unforgettable Courageous Conversations, an event hosted by our visionary CEO, My Holland.

Take a sneak peek into the heart of Courageous Conversations, where we delved deep into thought-provoking topics that resonated with the very core of our being.

  • How do we navigate the delicate balance between the values of our host country’s culture and the traditions passed down by our families?
  • What happens when our personal beliefs clash with societal expectations?
  • And how do we find our place when our identity doesn’t align with the mainstream?
  • If you have ever felt misunderstood or longed for a tribe of like-minded individuals who truly understand your journey, then this event is tailor-made for you. It’s a safe space where vulnerability is cherished, and powerful stories are shared.

If these questions speak to your soul, if these experiences resonate with your very being, then we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. In the safe space of Courageous Conversations, you will meet like-minded individuals who are ready to embark on a path of self-discovery and connection.

I.D Quest (Identity Discovery) Courageous Conversations

Through the skilful facilitation of My Holland, a VK (Viet Kieu) born in France and a certified executive coach, this transformative event took participants on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and growth.

My’s wealth of knowledge, from her studies in France, the US, and Australia, combined with her expertise in professional coaching, created an atmosphere of profound learning and connection.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next event! Courageous Conversations is an experience you won’t want to miss. Be prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and growth. Join us and be a part of a community that celebrates diversity, fosters understanding, and encourages courageous conversations.


What Clients Are Saying

What is your leadership style? Throughout my 15-year career spanning multiple countries, management and leadership have evolved into a profound passion of mine. To become more impactful, I have embarked on an individual coaching journey… Read more “What is your leadership style?”

Nuno Tinoco
Footwear Project Leader | Europe & North Africa

I met My in December 2019, since then I have not stopped reviewing her lessons, advices. Her insights can be apply anywhere, on business or private life. My is very professional and always ready in… Read more “Tran Tung”

Tran Tung
Project Manager chez Capgemini

My and Anthony delivered a team-building and planning workshop for my team of student affairs practitioners from Fulbright University Vietnam. My and Anthony work great together, often bouncing ideas from one to the other to… Read more “Steve Paris”

Steve Paris
Director of Student Life at Fulbright University Vietnam

Dear My, Thank you very much for organising a very interesting workshop at the AusCham strategy meeting on Saturday. It provided us with another perspective to view our roles and set the scene for a… Read more “Brian O’Reilly”

Brian O'Reilly

My Holland is very passionate and strong advocator on mindful leadership for an impactful world we live in. She is dedicated to support organizations to transform their own cultures towards well-being, positive change and purposeful… Read more “Tuyen (Kelly) Vo”

Tuyen (Kelly) Vo
Partnerships Builder | Promote Philanthropy in Vietnam for social impacts | Business Developer | A Connector

My’s work is truly changing the way organizations are managing the transition in the way they drive and build organizational culture. Here applications are very relevant to hte Vietnamese workplace, and are key to bridging… Read more “Sven Roering”

Sven Roering
Emerging Market Finance

I have had a chance to work with My for her webinar with VNHR members about “Leadership during disruption and uncertainty: keep your teams motivated and engaged” in May 2020. My with her thought-provoking sharing… Read more “Vu Thi Anh Tho (Anthea)”

Vu Thi Anh Tho
Chief Operating Officer, Vietnam Human Resources Association - VNHR

My name is Anh Minh – Head of Talent Management for AIESEC in Vietnam. I would love to represent AIESEC in Vietnam to send our deepest appreciation to you. We are honored to have you… Read more “Vo Thi Anh Minh”

Vo Thi Anh Minh
Head of Talent Management, AIESEC Vietnam

My hosts very inspirational workshops and let’s you think deeper. I attended the Happiness at work workshop a while back in Ho Chi Minh City and must say that it led me think deeper about… Read more “Elena O.”

Elena O.
Luxury Hospitality & Operations Specialist, Polyglot, EMBA

My and Anthony both have fantastic facilitative and presentation styles. My is a dedicated and supportive coach that enables leaders foster high EQ performing in teams. I appreciate you tailoring your presentation to our needs.… Read more “Hien Le”

Hien Le
Senior Manager, Capgemini Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh City

We have had the opportunity to have My sharing with our team at Colliers International on the importance of having good communication practice at work for ultimate mental health. My was able to relate with… Read more “Winnie Lam”

Winnie Lam
COO at Colliers International, Vietnam

I attended My’s workshop about Happiness at Work on My 23rd and I was amazed by what I learnt and the way it was introduced through small group exercises. She is really passionate about her… Read more “Duc Pham”

Duc Pham
Director of Business Development

I joined a workshop about EQ & its link to Happines by Ms My Holland in April this year. It was very informative, interactive and enjoyable workshop. I really like it and will definitely participate… Read more “Khanh Linh Nguyen (Sheena Linh Nguyen)”

Khanh Linh Nguyen
Executive Officer at the German Business Association in Vietnam

MmFFusion leaders had the chance to experience a session with My, called “Authentic Leadership”. Inspirational moment for all of us. Thanks My. I would recommend her without… Read more “Atilla Erda”

Atilla Erda
Chief Operating Officer at Fusion

I just wanted to take this chance to thank you for your very valuable participation in the Harvard Business School/British University Vietnam Custom Interaction Debriefing Session in HCMC. The feedback from Harvard was incredibly positive… Read more “Joshua Ewan James”

Joshua Ewan James
British University

My is an inspiring coach that challenges you to look at situations from a very different angle. My has taught 3 times at CO-SPACE, each time with a different angle: Happiness at Work, Successful Ladies… Read more “Anne Greenfield”

Anne Greenfield
Founder of CO-SPACE

My is a very talented coach. In May 2017 she successfully held a Training session in the course of our CSR program at CCIFV. She trained and motivated the participants to understand how to apply… Read more “Clémence Aron”

Clémence Aron
Corporate Social Responsibility Project Manager at CCIFV | CSR Consultant

I worked with with My at the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific. My was responsible for marketing of the institute. My is a delight to work with. She is intelligent, engaging and open… Read more “Eugene Sebastian”

Eugene Sebastian
Director, The Australia-Indonesia Centre

I am inspired and motivated after receiving her presentation about mindset of success. Moreover we connected well as she rescues wildlife, meditates and is vegetarian. We need to be more mindful about our impact on… Read more “Tuan Bui Anh”

Tuan Bui Anh
Acting Center Manager at Apollo English Vietnam

My Holland taught the workshop “Tools to help you maximise your potential – managing negative emotions effectively” for RMIT Vietnam University staff and students on 22 May, 2017. I was impressed by her professionalism, sense… Read more “Phoenix Phung-Hoang Ho”

Phoenix Phung-Hoang Ho
Manager, Careers Education and Guidance Centre of Hon Viet - Vietnam Insight

My is an excellent speaker and an expert in the field of EQ. I have had the pleasure of attending two of her workshops including one she ran for business leaders and members of the… Read more “Joshua James”

Joshua James
Co-Chairman | Executive Board Member | Managing Director | Lifelong Learner

My recently made a presentation around Positive Culture through the French Australian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney. It was full of relevant information and useful tips on the impacts of ingraining a positive culture at… Read more “Sebastien Normand”

Sebastien Normand
Managing Director at Resources Global Professionals Australia

My recently led a happiness survey for our business and I must say that I was impressed by the recommendations she made. She is pragmatic, knowledgable and provide concrete and applicable solutions to improve staff… Read more “William (Guillaume) GAGUIN”

William (Guillaume) GAGUIN
General Manager VIC / SA / TAS at Polyglot Group

My is an excellent facilitator who captures the hearts and minds of her participants. She is engaging and provides a truly meaningful way of reminding us all that happiness can be experienced whilst at work… Read more “Dr Deidre Anderson”

Dr Deidre Anderson
Principal Director DKA and Associates

My is an advocate for a kinder and happier world using the gift of facilitation which has been deservingly bestowed on someone who is authentic compassionate and naturally kind. My connects and engages with the… Read more “Michael Lloyd-White”

Michael Lloyd-White
Chief Advisor To The Board World Kindness USA

My is so professional in her EQ assessment. It was my first EQ test and I am glad I explored this very personal area with My. This was an interesting self-awareness discovery for me. I… Read more “Daniel Maher”

Daniel Maher
Managing Director, Affirmations Publishing House

As a peer of My, we have had many thoughtful exchanges about lecturing and pedagogy. My is a dedicated and generous educator and facilitator that engages with individuals as well as communities to foster learning… Read more “Celina McEwen”

Celina McEwen
Senior Researcher

I first met My when she was studying for her Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. Later,she worked in my team as an academic to run the Business Language and Learning unit at the Coffs Harbour… Read more “Louise Horstmanshof”

Louise Horstmanshof
Faculty of Health at Southern Cross University

I had the pleasure to work with My at SCU when we were colleagues at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. She is very easy to work with, and developed a credible and caring… Read more “Kurt Seemann”

Kurt Seemann
Professor (Adj) - STEM Education

It was a pleasure working with My. She was very flexible as I was looking for someone qualified with a high attention to detail to validate our TAFE Business units for compliance. It’s amazing how… Read more “Linda Johnston”

Linda Johnston
AAICD | NSW Manager Industry Innovation

I have been liaising with My when she was coordinating the advertising recruitment campaign for Leighton Holdings Internal Audit. She was efficient, professional but friendly, dynamic and an excellent communicator. Looking forward to working with… Read more “Jonathan Flynn”

Jonathan Flynn
Marketing Manager at St. Dominic Credit Union

My is an effective and dynamic communicator, manager, and trainer, and she possesses skills, qualifications and experience that she demonstrated not only as a Board Member of the French School of Sydney but also in… Read more “Marc Finaud”

Marc Finaud
International Security Consultant - Associate Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) - Vice President at IDN - Initiatives pour le désarmement nucléaire

Ms My Holland joined SCU in Coffs Harbour as a casual tutor during the time I was working there as a lecturer. My soon proved her skills and commitment to teaching quality and was given… Read more “Johan Edelheim”

Johan Edelheim
Professor of Tourism & Media, Graduate School of Int'l Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies at Hokkaido University

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